Hello, my name is Dayton Emery. I am a freelance videographer based in Springfield, Illinois. I am available for work in Springfield and surrounding areas. I am also not opposed to traveling.
My passion is behind the lens and shaping light. Since I was very young I have always had a camera in hand and a story in mind. Let's collaborate and take your idea, business, story, or non-profit to the next level with my skills in photography and videography.  Unlike others, I take time to research and understand my clients. I not only want to provide my clients with quality content but also to build relationships. 
I specialize in photographing talking head and testimonial style videos and portraiture. I also enjoy experimenting with my body of work and have other content in areas such as Interviews, promotional, narrative films, music videos, sports, events, experimental work, and more!
Being at such a young age I have the aspiration of using this experience stepping into the technical lighting and/or cinematography field. Lighting is such an important element to any video or film work and is one of my strong suits. The first thing you will learn while working with me is that I am a very technical person and have the equipment for the job. 
This website is a portfolio of some of my past work. Feel free to contact me for more information or work inquiries that you may have.